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Q. Who is eligible for Medi-Cal? A. 65yrs, blind or disabled 

Q. What are income limits for Medi-Cal?  A. Single Person $600 - Couple $934 

Q. Are nursing home residents eligible? A. Residents are allowed to keep $35 of income. 

Q. What are resource limits? A. Medi-cal has non-exempt and exempt resources. For non-exempt total allowed resources are $2000 for at home and $2000 for nursing home residents. There are special rules for married couples.

Q. Can you spend down resources? A. Surely you can spend down to reach the $2000. 

Q. Can you give away resources and be eligible? A. Yes, you can but there is a 30-month look back so resources need to be gifted in a specific way. 

Q. What is a share of cost? A. A share of cost is determined by countable gross income. 

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Our Medi-Cal organization is experienced in developing and implementing various Medi-Cal planning techniques to quickly qualify an individual for Medi-Cal benefits and to minimize or completely eliminate any Countable gross income determines a share of cost for benefits received. Medi-Cal planning is our passion and we take great pride in developing planning options for our clients tailored to their unique circumstances.

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Advocate 4 Medi-Cal Assistance is dedicated to serving seniors and those who love them throughout the state of California. With over 25 years of experience working with Medi-Cal regulations as a county worker, my team and I can help you with the maze of the application process. There are many wrong turns on the elder care journey and Advocate 4 Medi-Cal Assistance is a trustworthy guide to better outcomes through experienced advocacy coupled with compassion.

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