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Shouldn't be Stressful.

We are a Medi-Cal Assistant

that has helped 1,000+ seniors get approved for Medi-Cal in California.

You Are 3 Steps Away From Getting Medi-Cal Approval.

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Schedule a meeting with one of our Advocate Medi-Cal Assistants and start the application process. 

Implementation of the plan tailored to protect the family assets while setting up a plan to get you approved for Medi-Cal.




Be Prepared

"Seven out of ten couples reaching 65 can expect at least one partner to use a nursing home. 

-The average cost of a Nursing Home can range from 8,800 - 25,000 without Medi-Cal Benefits.

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What clients say about us.

Skvarna Law Firm

I Have worked with Marge Fittante on many Elder Law matters and Medi-cal cases where she was in charge of getting the person on Medi-cal, and each one was approved in a very prompt manner.

Michael M. McCabe

I am pleased to tell you about Marge Fittante. I have been structuring estates for Medi-cal for 15 years. During that time, I have had a variety of back-office application processors. None of them can hold a candle to Marge’s expertise on hundreds of applications for me. No one knows this process better than her. If you need  These services, do not hesitate to use Marge.

Stuart Furman 

I have been using Marge Fittante as my Medi-Cal assistant for many years. I have used her for every Medi-cal case that has come into my office since I was introduced to her and I highly recommend her services. She has been very straightforward and extremely knowledgeable.

The Advocate for Medi-Cal Plan

We focus whats important to you and your family. We understand this can be a tough situation and we want to help you with this process.

Experience and Results

Getting approved for Medi-Cal is challenging. We have helped over 1,000 clients get approved for Med-Cal. 

Focusing on Communication

You don't want to be in the dark during such an important time. We help you create a plan to get you out of this stressful time.

An Assistant You Can Trust

Focusing on what matters and doing what's best for you is our mission to getting you approved for Medi-Cal.


When it comes down to getting approved for Medi-Cal, many people feel like it can be a stressful moment in their life can feel like you're trapped in a maze. Advocate 4 Medi-Cal Assistance helps people understand that they're not alone in this process and we can help you get approval for Medi-Cal. 

We know how hard it is to get approved through the regulations and hearings for Medi-Cal and we have helped over 1,000+ clients through the approval process. As an ex-county worker for the state of California and been guiding clients for over 25+ years, I know what it takes to get my clients approved 100% of the time. 

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